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Middle Eye Media provides a secure digital warehouse for content creators to sell their work to publishers across multiple platforms.

This effectively eliminates the need for writers, broadcasters and videographers to pitch their work, negotiate fees and process payment for use of their creative material. It also gives them greater access to publications outside their geographical area of operation.

With tighter regulation of digital publishing platforms increasing the demand for verifiable content, there are greater opportunities for content creators to have their work reach broader and bigger audiences. To fully avail of these opportunities, creatives will need a reputable portal to present their content

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Middle Eye Media not only provides that portal but also manages the entire process from uploading content to facilitating payment and finalising the transaction.

Robust anti-plagiarism software will ensure that content creators are paid for their work and that publishers will be presented with a high value proposition through economy of scale. Content that is currently only available to a limited number of publishers will be used across several platforms, thereby reducing the overall cost to publishers and increasing the level of payment to creatives.